We provide a 24hr service every day for contracted clients only, for all other enquiries please e-mail or ring 01642 503812 or 07966619914 Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00.

We are an independent award winning company providing air conditioning and refrigeration services across the North East.

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We specialise in providing services to the health and education sectors. Finding innovative ways to help you achieve your desired temperature for keeping:

...your people

We recognise that people are essential to every organisation, which is why keeping your people comfortable can have a significant impact on their health and consequently their productivity; at a time when everyone is striving to achieve more with less. The correct air conditioning system can help keep people comfortable in the most challenging of environments.

...your equipment

We are experienced at keeping highly critical pieces of equipment cool enough to function at their full capacity. Well installed air conditioning can help keep your essential equipment such as IT server rooms, medical technology and laboratory instruments working more efficiently.

...your products
at their optimal...

We understand your need to minimise waste that can occur when your products are not kept at their optimal temperature. The correct refrigeration system can help to keep foods, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, samples and specimens at their best for longer.