Over the years we have worked with organisations in a
range of different sectors:


In healthcare every second counts that’s why we offer reliable temperature solutions you can depend on to keep your staff and patients comfortable, your medical and IT equipment functional and your life saving products at their best.

We specialise in providing services to clinical settings such as acute hospitals, GP practices, pharmacies, opticians and dentists, we also have extensive experience of working in all mental health settings.

Since 1995 Andrew has maintained systems at James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough. Some of the equipment we help to keep functional includes MRI and CT scanners, Linear Accelerators and blood storage equipment. Our air conditioning and refrigeration work has a direct impact on the efficiency of diagnosis, treatment, and clinical trials. We carry out monthly tests on temperature monitoring and alarm systems for blood storage, pharmacy storage, and drug fridges.

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Tees Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust
The Therapy Centre


The effective use of refrigeration and air conditioning can help reduce overall costs and keep an educational organisation running smoothly.

When it’s important to maximise a pupil’s ability to learn their comfort, access to IT and to healthy food should not be underestimated!

We can carry out a survey and recommend systems that will work best for you to keep your pupils and staff comfortable and your IT server room working effectively. We can also provide and maintain refrigeration equipment such as coldrooms, fridges, freezers, prep areas, display counters, and bottle fridges to ensure that the food you serve is at its optimal nutritional standard.

We fully understand the need to minimise disruption to learning, so we’re happy to arrange our visits for times that suit you and always carry out maintenance during school holidays or out of core hours.

Maintained Schools
Redcar schools
Sedgefield and Shotton schools
Jarrow and South Shields schools


Our clients working in industry often need reliable air conditioning systems that can withstand high usage. We provide and maintain good quality systems that keep even the most demanding environments up and running. If an emergency does occur we can respond quickly to minimise the downtime you experience.

Fine Organics Ltd
AV Dawson
Interserve Construction Ltd
Quartz Electrical & Mechanical Services Ltd

Retail & Services

With so many air conditioning and refrigeration systems available in retail, they really can transform your business. Effective refrigeration will keep food products fresh for longer, extending their shelf life. Air conditioning has numerous benefits – keeping staff comfortable to increase their productivity, and keeping customers cool to encourage them to stay in your store longer, both could increase your revenue.

Petch Butchers
Bayley Security